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2. Any of assorted maritime fishes from the family Gadidae, which includes the Atlantic cod as well as haddock.

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‘Minds doped up on this type of cod theology have a tough time distinguishing amongst these Males.’

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That said, I believed the game healthy the EU nicely plenty of. Many of the concentrations, to me, nevertheless keep that sense of thriller that the write-up OT era had before the sequel trilogy.

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The DFO partly lifted its ban in 1997, Even though the Worldwide Council for the Exploration of The ocean mentioned the poor Restoration of Canadian cod stocks.[54] Usually, depleted populations of cod together with other gadids look to recover inadequately when fishing stress is reduced or stopped.[fifty five]

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Just what the fuck? Baldur's Gate did that in 1998. KoTOR was a fairly small-tier WRPG And that i like the sport. No, all it really did was solidify the trendy Bioware formula of >picked out just one joins X Cod group to battle the ancient evil while only with the ability to consider two companions on missions

salt cod - codfish preserved in salt; need to be desalted and flaked by soaking in water and pounding; used in e.g. codfish cakes

Some fish usually often called cod are unrelated to Gadus. Part of this name confusion is industry-driven. Severely shrunken Atlantic cod shares have led to your marketing and advertising of cod replacements using culinary names of the shape "x cod", In keeping with culinary as an alternative to phyletic similarity.

Practically all coral cod, reef cod or rock cod are so as Perciformes. Most are far better generally known as groupers, and belong into the family Serranidae. Some others belong for the Nototheniidiae.

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